SIYUM: MasterMind
Archathon (Architectural Hackathon) of New Technologies for Architects, Designers and Developers
What is a MasterMind session?
This a form of the group work with an invited visionary. The MasterMind group works on a development strategy of the company and their own actions taking into account various scenarios of the future of the industry. As a result of the MasterMind, participants create their vision of the business development, identify the development risks and plan the transformation programme through the management projects.
Introduction to the Session
Online conference
1 day
Session where participants analyse whether industry players are ready for new challenges and changed "game" rules
Introduction to the project work in groups
Moderated group work: challenges and goals
Group reports
Meet the Visionary: "How to create prototypes in the new reality"
Moderated group work: how to create new products while bringing your company to the next level
Final reports
Reflection session
The main thesis of the session:
"COVID-19 has relaunched the competition and market rivalry. All previous leaders no longer have the advantage. Each market player has the opportunity to create a Prototype for the new reality
The session serves as a launchpad for shaping a vision and indentifying threats anhd challengers that industry and companies are facing. It also serves as a sandbox for designing new competitive advantages.
Translation is available

Andrey Dligach
Head of Advanter Group, Headshot Brand Development and Luniter Troubleshooting. SingularityU Ambassador. Founder of the Board business community. Doctor of Economics, professor of a number of business schools.
Strategist, futurist.
Founder, investor and advisor to technology startups (Payris, ZooZy, MICE Industry and others).
Vicente Guallart
Spanish urbanist, chief architect of Barcelona
Co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Head of the Shukhov Lab for Prototyping Future Cities and the International Master's Programme "City and Technologies: Prototyping Future Cities" at the Higher School of Urbanism, NRU HSE (Moscow)

Sergey Khaprov
Active State Councilor 3rd Class (since 2001)
Digitalization of enterprise management in the sixth technological order. Diversification of income of defense industry enterprises.
Integration of activities of line managers in complex large-scale corporate programs, strategic coordination of management. Competitive strategies, creation of a competitive advantage.
Pavel Luksha
Professor of Practice at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, expert at the Skolkovo Center for Education Development (SEDEC).
Professor of Practice at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, expert at the Skolkovo Center for Education Development (SEDEC).
Designer, co-owner of Christian Sieger bureau, winner of more than thirty Red Dot Design awards
Sieger Design is a family business founded by the classic of German design Dieter Sieger in the 80s. His sons, Christian and Michael, continue the business. Today Sieger Design designs tableware, lamps, cars and even clothing for famous brands, while remaining a completely independent company
Christian Sieger
SIYUM Visionaries
Patrik Schumacher
Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects
Co-author of all the firm's projects, Patrik has led the practice since Zaha Hadid's passing. He founded the Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association in London and held the John Portman Chair in Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. His essays on Parametricism as the Epochal Style for the 2st Century have been widely cited.

Dr. de Grey
Dr. de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist based in Mountain View, California, USA, and is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a charity that performs and funds laboratory research dedicated to combating aging.
His research encompasses the characterisation of the self-inflicted cellular and molecular damage that constitutes mammalian aging and the development of interventions to repair such damage.
Who are visionaries?
Visionaries have a new vision, groundbreaking competencies and practices in development of
the human ecosystem. Organising Committee forms a pool of visionaries based on their
expertise and ability to involve participants into solution-based work.
    Who are participants?
    MasterMind session is a group space for intellectual creativity of 20 representatives
    of the companies, a visionary and moderators.

    MasterMind participants - representatives of the companies with a leading expertise
    in one of the construction segments.

    Visionary - a global leader in the industry related to the human ecosystem.
      Who will be the visionary at my MasterMind?
      We match participants with the visionary in order to create enriching environment
      for participants that expands outlook on the industry and possible company
      development strategies.

      You will receive information about the visionary 2 weeks prior to the MasterMind.
      What are the MasterMind topics?
      Among the professional community, we see interest in development of the housing and living spaces of the future in collaboration of architecture and technology (AI, Smart city, IoT), medicine (health ecosystem, new health care industry, anthropology of a supercentenarian), noosphere and 2050 civilization, management (strategic, entrepreneurial, design thinking) and new economy, etc.
      • Strategic thinking
      • Entrepreneural thinking
      • Design thinking
      • Noosphere (interrelation of life ecology and a planet)
      • 2050 Civilization (sixth technological order)
      • New Economy
      • Anthropology of a supercentenarian
      • New health care industry (macrobiosis, bacterial challenge, preventive medicine and biodesign)
      • Health Ecosystem
      • Advanced construction technologies
      • Future of architecture and urban planning
      • Engineering ecosystems
      Smart Environment
      • Smart city
      • Intelligent Infrastructure
      • Internet of Things
      Digital transformation of the industry
      • Industries transformation
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • IT-platforms
      Industry standards
      • International norms, standards and rules
      • Environment quality standards
      • Energy efficiency standards and resource conservation
      • Information modelling
      • Generative modelling -
      • Digital environment for design, construction and monitorin
      Spatial development
      • Resettlement systems
      • Communities
      • Landscape urbanis
      Green architecture
      • Eco-settlements
      • Eco-architecture
      • Eco-material
      • Model and practices of the sixth technological order household
      • Modern household services
      • Childhood infrastructur
      • System overview on the suburban construction industry
      • Technologies of the small-scale construction
      • Housing engineering (air, water, climate
      • Interior ecosystem
      • Household content
      • House atmosphere
      Technology transfer
      • Nuclear construction
      • Space construction
      • High performance spor
      Technology installation
      • Mechanical engineering
      • Hotel industry
      • Telemedicin
      Which companies can participate
      in the MasterMind?
      We invite companies working in architecture, design and development. In order
      to maintain technology transfer we attract companies from various industries - from
      banking to medicine. We will consider all application received..
        Finding new market niches
        Searching for ways to capture a changed market
        Technology transfer
        Market and industry analysis in the post-COVID19 world
        Verification of the company strategy with the future of the market hypothesis
        Spreading and developing of your ideas and solutions among market stakeholders
        Becoming entrepreneur/stakeholder: moving from the position of the market player to the market creator
        Benefits for participants
        What is the participation fee?
        There is no participation fee.
          Will there be broadcasting?
          As we value the participants' privacy, we won't broadcast the MasterMind. However, there
          will be short video overview of the visionaries' input.
            SIYUM: Archathon
            Architectural Hackathon of New Technologies for Architects, Designers and Developers
            I am the MasterMind participant, can I join Archathon?
            September - December 2020
            MasterMind Sessions
            One-day version of the educational programme of the archathon. Online b2b session with the visionary, where participants create their own version of the business development, identify the development risks and plan the transformation programme through the management projects.
            February-May 2021
            Archathon educational programme with translation (Russian/English)

            May 2021
            Visionaries' Day
            Visionaries' Day will take place in Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Online and offline presentations of the solo and group projects developed during the educational programme. Selection of winners - prototype developers of the house of the future
            May - November 2021
            Construction of the prototype of the house of the future in ZION housing estate
            November 2021
            SIYUM Forum
            SIYUM International forum of architecture and design, opening ceremony of the House of the future prototype
            What is Architectural Hackathon?
            This is a form of the group work on designing new solutions in architecture,
            development and design of the future. Participants take 3 modules:

            1. VISION module, where participants develop their vision of the future and form a
            visionary prototype of a 120 y.o. human's life ecosystem

            2. DEVELOPMENT module, where participants work on SOCIO-ECONOMIC
            aspects of the future based on the visionary prototype in the previous module.
            Participants create a sustainable business model, which sustains service,
            architecture and housing of a 120 y.o. human.

            3. DESIGN module, where participants creatу a DESIGN MODEL OF THE LIVING
            SPACE of a 120 y.o. human
              How far do we see the future of the industry?
              Construction beyond the Earth
              Interaction with the space industry
              AI designs most of the facilities
              AI controls people
              First prototypes 100% designed and constructed by AI
              Total transition of the development to the digital environment
              Design by a human - the new luxury
              AI-based generative design
              People control AI
              Displacement of the outdated architecture and design agencies
              Switching to online design process being ordinary
              neural network
              IT Platform
              Digital environment for
              SIYUM Forum
              Community track
              Technology track
              Future track
              Facilities designed by Artificial Intelligence

              Transition period in the development

              Quantity of the facilities fully designed in digital environment

              The first prototype in Innopolis
              Community designed objects

              Homo Deus track
              Archathon: timing and schedule
              Archathon will take place from February till May 2021 Educational programme
              lasts 3 months with 3 group modules:

              1. VISION module (5 days) + 2 days for finalising the results
              Project work in groups (3 weeks)

              2. DEVELOPMENT module (5 days) + 2 days for finalising the results
              Project work in groups (3 weeks)

              3. DESIGN module (5 days) + 2 days for finalising the results
              Construction of the House of the future prototype in Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan,

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